Rev Is Good For Your Body and Your Brain

by | Jun 6, 2019

REVing boasts all kinds of health benefits that go far beyond increasing your cardiovascular endurance and toning your muscles. One of the reasons REV makes you feel so good is because REV helps you produce endorphins.

If you’ve noticed that REV helps you feel happier, you’re right. Your brain’s neurochemicals (endorphins) are releasing during your ride, helping to mask any pain/discomfort/stress and pumping your brain with feel good vibes. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise serves as a way to reduce stress, worry and anxiety. Studies show that exercising regularly can even lower symptoms associated with mild depression, thus serving as a natural mood booster.

At REV, our mission is to not only increase your physical fitness but help you achieve a positive mental state. Keep up the great work on the bike and know that you are doing your body and your brain a favor every time you turn and burn.