Welcome Back Burlington

We’re back and we couldn’t be happier to be moving together. Now offering indoor cycling classes at our new Pine St. studio.

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You’ve got the Power

REV is an empowered and embodied community dedicated to making exercise accessible and fun. You’ve got the power within you; we provide a safe and fun environment for you to unearth that power.

Tune into your mind + body

REV is a no-judgment zone where great music and inclusive and affirming coaching are central to your movement experience. We focus on the way you feel, not the way you look. Our instructors will challenge your body physically while providing you with supportive coaching so you can tune into your mind and body.
Sarah DeGray riding indoor cycling bike
Sarah Degray and Mujib Khaliq

Check out Our Podcast “Let’s Get To It”

This podcast is anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-Islamophobic, anti-xenophobic and will disrupt the status quo, rock the boat, make some noise, perk up some ears and open some hearts. It has the potential to inspire, motivate, enliven, and embolden people to get out there and hear what the world has to say.

Meet Our Community

I think I am the fittest I've probably ever been thanks to you guys. I feel so strong. I've been exercising my whole life, but never to this end.

Mary G.

I had no idea how much this membership would change my fitness perspective and become an essential asset to my wellbeing.

Shannon B.

REV is my number one go-to fitness sanctuary for all things that benefit my soul, body and mind.

Elizabeth T.

Thank you for inspiring me to be a stronger athlete and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone.

Sarah C.

Tune In.
Turn Up.
Tap Back.
Everybody and every body is welcome at REV. YOU always choose your intensity and pace. We invite you to disconnect from a world of metrics and measurements, so you can explore your authentic self without fear or judgment. Come as you are to tune in, turn up, and tap back.