MK Cirelli

MK Cirelli

REV-X Coach

About MK


​ Rutland (RutVegas), Vermont


Nutritionist, Health Coach & NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise:

I am a lover of the pain cave (think: SkiErg intervals, burpees, CrossFit style. dumbbell snatches … you name it)!

Special Talent(s):

Cross country skiing, organizing, salad making, speed typing on the computer & sleeping (no joke on the sleeping).

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

As a morning exerciser, I don’t go a day without greek yogurt with granola, nuts, flax, chia, maple syrup & peanut butter. … and an iced oat milk latte if I am feeling fancy.

Other Job Skills:

I am a health coach for the global app called NOOM. I work with anywhere from 300-500 clients on a daily basis (that’s where the speed typing comes in).

Rub some dirt on it.


I REV because it’s one of the best parts of my day. No workout is the same, no ride is the same, no coach is the same and there will always be a new face beside you offering a high five. REV allows me to push my body to new limits while keeping me engaged and active in a community I love dearly.


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