Lauren Bowie

Lauren Bowie

Cycling & REV-X Coach

About Lauren


​Jericho, Vermont.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

I am ALL over the map when it comes to my music vibe. From Diplo to Beyonce to Imagine Dragons, I like to keep it interesting!

Riding Style:

I love teaching super high-energy classes from start to finish. Whether we’re sprinting, jumping in and out of the saddle, toning those arms (hello 2lb weights), or cruising up a nice steady climb, we’ll be on a non-stop high that will make us dig deep, together. I always incorporate new moves and choreography to keep riders minds and bodies guessing every class. High Intensity. High Reward.

Special Talent(s):

I speak Spanish, more comfortably after an adult-beverage, I have my second-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, and I’ve been told I’m painfully chipper for my 6am classes.

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Mornings classes call for a giant cup of coffee followed closely by a high-protein smoothie (usually with strawberries, always with an extra scoop of peanut butter and…in true Vermont fashion…some maple syrup). For evening classes? Sweet potato fries and breakfast bowls (extra cheddar cheese, please!) are my go-to.

Other Job Skills:

I am currently in digital marketing for a luxury travel company based in Denver, CO. Working remotely is the best for incorporating REV, running, and yoga into my daily routine!

Remember why you showed up. Find what motivates you. Use that energy to move you forward.


So many reasons to REV! For the community. To get out of my own head space. To feel better and more confident in my own skin. To inspire and motivate riders–including myself–to reach that next level or goal. To help people discover something about themselves they didn’t know even existed. To ride and achieve success together as a team. To meet like-minded and driven individuals who show up each and every class ready to make a change, no matter the size.


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