Kate Vetter

Kate Vetter

Cycling Coach

About Kate


Huntington Station, NY.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

Pop, dance, rock, hip-hop, alternative, electronic, and R&B.

Riding Style:

​Challenging climbs with a variety of energizing intervals and always incorporating arms somewhere.

Special Talent(s):

​Bringing creativity to everything I do: from cooking to painting, I pretty much stay in my right-brain.

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

In the morning, Myer’s bagels or a giant home cooked breakfast with crispy potatoes, bacon, eggs, greens and (sometimes) a Bloody Mary. In the evening, burgers or any sort of Italian cuisine!

Other Job Skills:

​Community builder, graphic designer, and art curator with Dealer.com

One team, one dream. Together, we are stronger, braver, and more likely to reach our individual goals.


I REV for my mental and physical health. On my worst day, the energy and community at REV has never failed to lift my spirits and turn around my thinking. REV has been a huge outlet for me and has had an incredible impact on my confidence. REV pushes me to move beyond what I thought I was capable of and helped me bring my fitness goals to new heights!


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