Jess Remick

Jess Remick

Cycling & REV-X Coach

About Jess


​Waterford, Vermont.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

I listen to anything and everything, if I can dance or sing to it, it’s on my playlist.

Training Style:

I love testing endurance and stamina in my ride. Resistance intervals and climbs are my favorite.

Favorite Exercise/ Strength Move:

BURPEES! Anytime, anywhere.

Special Talent(s):

Is sass a talent? Because I have lots…

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Burritos, with guac. Yes, I know it’s extra and it’s worth it.

Other Job Skills:

Jess has a degree in Exercise and Movement Science from UVM. When she’s not coaching on the turf or bike at REV she can be found in the Wellness Division at Healthy Living.

Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. – Jerry Spinelli


I REV because exercise should be about empowerment; the positive vibes and genuine comradery here at REV make you feel unstoppable!


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