Jen Goldberg

Jen Goldberg Rev

About Jen

I REV Because:

My journey at REV has transformed my physical and emotional health and has helped me live a happier, more confident life. I REV to share this experience and to forward our mission – to be an inclusive, welcoming community that empowers riders to realize their true potential.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

Pop, dance/electronic, Beyoncé.

Riding Style:

Fun, upbeat rides with rolling hills, high resistance intervals, and a sprint to the finish line.

Special Talent(s):

Dog-whispering, coming up with good #hashtags, and stand-up comedy.

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

A gooey, melty, crispy, grilled cheese from Monarch & the Milkweed and a glass of Champagne (because why not!).

“Above all, love and respect your body. Find your inner strength, live proudly, and appreciate what you’re capable of.”

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