Gayla Olesky

Gayla Olesky

Cycling Coach

About Gayla


A native of Vermont, born and raised, in the woods is where I spent most of my days.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

Does Dave Matthews Band count as a genre? For motivation on the bike, I like Indie Rock, rock, throwbacks and chart toppers.

Riding Style:

Climbing, accelerations and isolations are my jam.

Special Talent(s):

I love a good DIY project.

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Eggs. Fried eggs. Poached eggs. Scrambled eggs. Hard boiled eggs. Egg sandwiches. Egg bakes. Or chocolate.

Other Job Skills:

Event coordinator, certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and raiser of small humans.

Push past your perceived boundaries, that’s where progress happens. You got this!


Endorphins. Community. Motivation. Accountability. Strength. Accomplishment. Chocolate.


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