Drake Turner

Drake Turner

Cycling Coach

About Drake


Madison, CT

Favorite Music Genre(s):

Hip hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk.

Riding Style:

Varied and challenging. Sprints, heavy hills, jumps, isos…it’s all in there.

Special Talent(s):

I retain a ridiculous amount of random knowledge (which makes me a clutch trivia teammate) and am obsessed with cheesy action movies. I’m also an avid skier.

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Coffee and anything savory in the morning, and some sort of big ol’ burrito bowl in the evening. And peanut butter always.

Other Job Skills:

Food Security Advocacy Manager at Hunger Free Vermont.

Inspirational REV quote coming soon!


In addition to keeping me a sane and pleasant human being, I REV to be a part of this incredible community of people who support, motivate, and empower each other. Come as you are, and leave feeling better than when you walked in – that’s what REV is about and why I’ve kept coming back since REV 1.0!


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