Carolyn Geraci

Carolyn Geraci

Cycling Coach

About Carolyn


Canandaigua, NY

Favorite Music Genre(s):

Hip-hop, pop, Taylor Swift’s entire discography

Riding Style:

Rhythm rides based on the beat of the music. I love a gritty hill, tapbacks, and breakaway sprints.

Special Talent(s):

I can name every muscle and bone in the body!

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

A quad latte and whatever granola bar happens to be in my car…

Other Job Skills:

Medical student at UVM

Inspirational REV quote coming soon!

WHY Carolyn REVS

I REV because it brings me confidence and I can feel myself getting stronger with every ride. Closing my eyes and getting lost in the music on a bike is the closest I’ve ever come to meditating!


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