Beth Van Parys

Beth Van Parys

REV-X Coach

About Beth


Erie, PA

Training Style:

I like to program athletic conditioning workouts with strength movements that allow for a variety of modifications so everybody can accomplish their goals and have a challenging, fun workout.

Favorite Exercise/ Strength Move:

I love dynamic strength movements and complexes. I also love or maybe love to hate Skierg and Rower conditioning workouts.

Special Talent(s):

I played basketball and soccer in college, and I’m always down for a game of something. I also recently thru-hiked Vermont’s Long Trail, and have such a special place in my heart for hiking, camping, and being lucky enough to get a bit “lost” in our amazing natural world. Oh and I can make a mean grilled cheese!

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

I’m a big fan of coffee, coffee, coffee and a breakfast sammich or a packed veggie omelet when I have the time. And I can alwaaaays go for a good smoothie!

Other Job Skills:

I hold a Master’s in Secondary Education, coach Burlington High School girls lacrosse and boys soccer, and am the Youth Director at RunVermont.

Inspirational REV quote coming soon!


AMAZING workouts, AMAZING space, and even better humans all brought me to the REV community. Grateful every day.


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