At-home Classes

REV Wherever You Are.

In addition to our in-studio cycling classes, REV offers at-home Cycling and Group Fitness classes. Learn more about the at-home classes & services we offer below!

Ryan doing a squat holding dumbell

REV At Home

REV AT HOME is a monthly movement subscription that works for you. We invite you to a 7-Day Free Trial to experience on-the-bike and off-the-bike workouts. We offer cycling, strength classes, bodyweight classes, core classes, arms-only classes, yoga, mobility, meditation and MORE. Pace yourself to complete as much of the workout as you can and go back to your favorites as much as you want. You will be encouraged to listen to your body, and all classes are scalable and suitable for all levels. Our instructors will empower you to make the best choices for you, every single class.

Virtual Cycling Classes

We also offer daily virtual live stream cycling classes if you prefer to ride from home. We recommend that you stream classes through high quality devices and audio equipment for the best outcome. High speed internet and an updated internet browser are recommended, and an ethernet connection streams better than WiFi when possible. You will receive a link to participate in the Live Stream Class 30 minutes prior to the class, or a few minutes after registration when you register close to the class start-time. You must book your reservation prior to the start time of class, in order to receive the link to join.
Lauren cycling in virtual cycling class

Meet Our Community

I think I am the fittest I've probably ever been thanks to you guys. I feel so strong. I've been exercising my whole life, but never to this end.

Mary G.

I had no idea how much this membership would change my fitness perspective and become an essential asset to my wellbeing.

Shannon B.

REV is my number one go-to fitness sanctuary for all things that benefit my soul, body and mind.

Elizabeth T.

Thank you for inspiring me to be a stronger athlete and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone.

Sarah C.

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