Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes

Cycling Coach

About Alex


​Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

House, hip-hop, mashups & old school remixes.

Riding Style:

Vigorous, dynamic, and fun! Faster-paced jumps are a staple…and they don’t call me the “isolation queen” for nothing!

Special Talent(s):

Photographic memory of song lyrics, and I’m a really good cook!

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Is peanut butter a meal? Coffee. Also, anything SPICY!

Other Job Skills:

I teach and translate French.

In any situation, you have the opportunity to either make an effort, or make an excuse; the amount of energy you’ll spend on both is the exact same. Choose wisely.


I REV for the sweat, the music and the PEOPLE; instructors and riders alike. I REV for the connection between REVers via mutual exhaustion and genuine love for the sport and this studio.


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