Alex Bacheller

Alex Bacheller

Cycling Coach

About Alex


​Chester, NH

Favorite Music Genre(s):

​Hip hop, pop, remixes and mashups, house

Riding Style:

​I love a ride with lots of variety, but I’m partial to endurance intervals and heavy climbs!

Special Talent(s):

​I take cheese boards pretty seriously and tear through young adult literature like nobody’s business. I can recommend a great book to anyone ages 10-14!

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

​A fried egg sandwich with avocado, hot sauce, and all the coffee!

Other Job Skills:

​Wrangling middle schoolers in my day job – teaching reading strategies, writing, and early American history.

Settle in, get ready to sweat and smile!


REV offers an incredible space to learn, sweat, and grow. It’s empowering and keeps me accountable with such an incredible community! Also, exercise makes me a nicer human.


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