5 Indoor Cycling Myths Busted!

by | Jun 6, 2019

1. It’s too intense for most people.

Not true because you, the rider, manage your own intensity. At REV, we encourage our riders to REV at their own pace and resistance. No one but you can control the intensity of your ride, so some days you may opt for more recovery riding when other days you’ll feel like hitting your personal best.

2. I have to be in shape to try indoor cycling.

First of all, define “in shape”. Different forms of exercise require the development of different types of muscles. A person can sustain one type of exercise and then try something new or different and have some difficulty in sustaining this new form of movement. This doesn’t mean that you are out of shape — your muscles or cardiovascular system just may not be used to something different. We encourage everyone to come to REV and just pedal. The more classes you take, the more strength and endurance you’ll build up.

3. I have to have “biking” experience.

Nope! You do not need any experience on an outdoor bike to take up indoor cycling.The two disciplines are different yet complimentary. You certainly don’t need to own an outdoor bike to enjoy indoor cycling, but our riders have found that a great side effect to indoor cycling is that your outdoor biking will benefit. REV will help you conquer those green mountains with increased strength and confidence and you’ll enjoy a PR or two this racing season. Ask one of our many REVers about how their overall fitness has improved thanks to indoor cycling.

4. I’m going to slow the group down.

Impossible, you aren’t actually going anywhere! We get it, indoor cycling by definition is biking in place but we think that is an asset. REV is an individual journey in a group setting that you can share with your spouse, your kids, your parents and your friends. When you’re REVing, the journey IS the destination and it’s impossible to slow anyone else down as you go at your own pace. Plus, we ride in the dark without mirrors, so you can enjoy the journey you create.

5. My leg size will increase.

We admit, if you start REVing on a consistent basis, you’re legs and butt will get stronger and you might see muscle definition and tone in places you’ve never had before. Remember, the acquisition of muscle helps to burn fat, so as muscle mass increases, fat stores may decrease. Whether you ride once weekly or six days a week, don’t expect all of those burned calories to result in bulked up legs. At REV, we talk in terms of strength and power and privilege your health over any kind of arbitrary standard of beauty.