Riley McAlpine



Some far away planet.


Remixes of many genres/retro/upbeat! Top 10 iTunes usually just leaves me trying to figure out what Justin Bieber means.


Used to be a pro rider outside now keeping it real inside. Love climbing, intervals, time trial repeat and a hop and a jump here and there.


VO2 Max = 71. Thank you mom and dad.


Organic and vegetarian…it took me decades to get here, but now I actually love it and dishes are so much easier to clean now.


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I REV because it is my fountain of youth from the inside out. I have taught indoor cycling for a few decades now and it’s the only thing I have ever committed to this long. The clients at REV are hands down the hardest working, happiest, most balanced crew I have met to date and I strive each and every week to challenge us as a team. I know that I have to show up with a solid plan and playlist because they are ready to learn and be challenged. I encourage all students to come up and introduce themselves to me, as I honestly LOVE getting to know everyone and am here to help in any way I can!

Riley instructs:


This class has it ALL. For 52 minutes you will experience variety in your ride as you REV up hills, negotiate brisk flats, and test your jumping, sprinting, isolations and more. THRIVE classes offer you periods of endurance challenges coupled with interval efforts and recovery to give you the most diverse cycling workout. You’ll never be bored when you THRIVE. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Class begins with a 10 minute warm up leading into a 30 – 45 minute climb. Up and over the climb the remainder of the class will be a mystery challenge and finally, a steady downhill finish to a meditative cool down. This is a ride for all levels as there will be certain cues during the climb where riders can “hop off” the climb and take a song to coast for a bit and then jump back on the climb. Riders can expect pumping music, lights off, candles lit, and each ride will have its own personality as every hill has its own signature! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


REV for 45 minutes as you experience variety in your ride including hill climbs, flat roads, jumps, and sprints. Class finishes with a 15 minute stretch and FLEX session. No previous experience required. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!


For 52 minutes you will REV to some of your favorite musical throwbacks while engaging in steep climbs, flat roads, jumps, and sprints. Decades change weekly so keep coming back for your favorite hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

REV 90

This advanced class will have you pedaling for just under 90 minutes as you tackle long hill climbs and brisk flat roads to challenge you aerobically and anaerobically. This class is a great way to burn fat and add challenging variety to your other cardio or weight training programs. Heart rate monitors are encouraged, but not required. 2 CREDITS ARE CHARGED FOR THIS RIDE.